Session Work

These sessions are something like a personal seminar, lasting 4 hours or more. We will do everything possible at this time to bring you to optimal function. This frees you to continue on your path… to the next lesson.

This work can be the ExpressTrain or the Recovery Room, sometimes both…

I resist labels and don’t use these terms much. This work can include, but is not limited to:

aura clearing & balancing … surgery prep & recovery … past life exploration & integration … relationship/sexual healing … trauma recovery & integration … soul part retrieval … evolutionary game plan development … soul initiation … karma clearing … aetheric revitalization … internal organ massage … windshield wiper replacement … tire rotation … oil change & lube …   distributor cap refurbishing … energetic overhaul … toxic waste removal … transfusion of Chi … removal of curses


SESSION SPECIFICS:  We begin each session by briefly discussing the life situation. Then I work with my hands for about 2 hours, usually touching you (fully clothed: wear something comfortable), usually on a massage table. We (you, me and the Universe) are listening to the song of your soul, using whatever bodywork techniques are appropriate. The remaining time is spent sharing the information I’ve understood through the table work. I will provide a digital audio file for you, sending a link later by email.

Regular sessions are 4-5 hours, especially the first one – I will work as long as is needed:
fee is $325 and sliding scale to $275 for unemployed etc. This fee (and all below) when in Germany, includes the MwSt (Sales Tsx) of 19% that I’m required to collect. Please speak or email with me before your session for alternative financial arrangements if necessary. If for any reason you are not satisfied with this work there is no fee.


So far, tobacco is still a periferal part of my working process.  Copies of my flyer are available in German or English, as is this web page.


Telephone sessions are the same time, same fee, same procedure (talking, then table work, then talking again) as the Regular Sessions.

For folks who work with me often I offer a “No Frills” session of 2 hours, with talking at the same time as the table work, and a fee of $180. This form is not appropriate for a first session.

Telephone consulting/coaching is at $75/hour, to the nearest 1/2 hour.

Children (0-18) are sometimes a different session form, parents present, for $200. I require that at least one of the parents has done a session with me before working with a child. That could be on the same day.

Astrology consultation is at the same rate as the normal session, and also takes about 3 hours (plus prep).

You can see the fee schedule in your own currency – the English language site is with USD, the German language site is with EUR. Please note: I do not change my prices with the fluctuating international currency rates, but have adjusted them instead to reflect the costs of making the session work available on each continent.

Payment is due at the end of the session, unless you’ve paid in advance. Payment may be made in cash or check, or by bank transfer, or via PayPal where you can use credit cards or your bank. Thank you!



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