PRAESEPE CLUSTER (pronounced PREHsehpee) is an open star cluster, like the Pleiades and Hyades, in the center of the constellation Cancer. At 577 light years from Earth it is one of the nearest clusters to us, and is composed of over 300 stars (some say 1000).

Some people analyze human persons to be originating from one of the various stars. While I haven’t worked in that discipline and don’t know much about it, one of my teachers observed Praesepe to be my source place and it rang true. I’ve called on that energy in the development of my work. When I finally had to come up with a name for the sessions it fit far better than obvious and over-used generic descriptive terms.

The Praesepe Cluster brings a particular kind of healing energy, which among other things helps us integrate loss and transition, to move beyond trauma. We come into alignment with the love in divine choreography, better able to accept and embrace changing priorities (trust the Process). This huge dense star cluster is itself in transition. Having existed for 800 million years, it’s predicted to finally break apart about 10 million years from now. Recent research indicates that it may actually be twin star clusters in long, slow motion collision for those 800 million years. (Trauma much?)

Time is different there: it moves sideways. There is the possibility to make detours, to let each moment expand. This expansion is a common experience in meditation, in art… and in Praesepean Session Work. There is a world within each of those minutes. M.K. asks, ”How is a session with Moira like being at a casino? You have no idea what time it is.”